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Machine Problems

1. Q: The projector cannot be turned on?

A: Check to see if the indicator light is on before anything else. Try using the remote control to turn it on. If the indicator light is off and won’t turn on, try changing out the power cord.

2. Q: My projector automatically restarts after booting up?
A: Check whether the fan is working when starting up. There may be an internal short circuit or mainboard problem. Contact customer service for assistance.
3. Q: My projector turns off automatically after being on for a while?

A: Two things could be occurring.

    1. The projector can no longer be turned on at all. If there is a burning peculiar smell, this means the projector overheated and is burned out. You need to contact the customer team for after-sale repair.

    2. The projector can be turned on after cooling. The projector temperature is too high to trigger the overheating protection. Check whether the fan rotates normally. If the speed is low, and the heat dissipation is not enough. You need to ask the customer team to repair it. Otherwise, it should work normally again after cooling down.

Please check whether the projector is in a high-temperature environment. The surrounding heat dissipation is not good for it, and the continuous using time could be too long. You need to wait for the projector to cool down then check to see if it works normal again. If the projector temperature is not high, the automatic shutdown may be due to the settings.

4. Q: I can't enter the homepage after turning the projector on even though the indicator light is on.
A: The mainboard could be broken or the system may be crashing altogether. Contact customer service for help.
5. Q: The focus knob is stuck.
A: If the new machine is stuck, ask for a replacement. Twisting forcefully causes the machine to get stuck. See if you can twist it back. If not, contact customer service for further help.
6. Q: The machine is too noisy.
A: Check if the fan is working. Also, check if the fan port is blocked. Try to dismantle and clean any dust or debris. Then check if the projector is placed in a flat place before restarting.
7. Q: The projector interface is not in good contact.
A: Try replacing the wire. If the projector is still not working, contact customer service.
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